SAMU incident channel

The Incident Channel is a conduit through which the company receives and manages communications or information formulated by its professionals about crimes or irregular conduct of which they have become aware, contrary to the rules, both external and internal of SAMU, collected in their protocols and codes of conduct.

This channel does not respond to incidents or requests related to labor and/or administrative issues of SAMU employees who have the corresponding channel for these purposes.

The Incident Channel is absolutely confidential, and only the SAMU Compliance team will have access, which will guarantee confidentiality, anonymity and proper management of conflicts.

The complainant has the option of opting for anonymity in the communication they issue. To do this, all you have to do is leave the boxes in the “Complainant data” section blank.

Please fill out the fields offered below (those with the asterisk are mandatory) with the exception of “Complainant details” if you opt for anonymous communication, and “Denounced details” if the facts being communicated do not require reference any author.

Complainant’s data

Defendant’s data

Complaint information

Data protection information

  • Data Controller: SAMU, S.A.
  • Data Controller’s address: Américo Vespucio. Edif. Cartuja, blq. E, Local 7 41092 Seville.
  • Purpose: receipt, management and storage of complaints.
  • Legal grounds: consent of the data subject.
  • Storage: the data you send us will be stored for 6 months.
  • Recipients: as a general rule, only the authorised staff of our company will gain access to the information we request from you, unless required by law.
  • Rights: you have the right to know what information we have about you, correct it and delete it, as explained in the additional information section of our website.
  • Additional information: more information is available in the section entitled Privacy Policy.

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