Kathmandu Mission

Misión Katmandú

The SAMU Foundation aims to offer a response to incidents that arise around us. Yet again, after the terrible earthquake in Nepal, the SAMU Foundation sent a group of professionals and students from its school to help all those affected.

This intervention was possible thanks to the cooperation of Obra Social La Caixa, Rotary Internacional, Menarini Responsable, University of Seville, Instituto Municipal de Deportes de Sevilla, Colegio Rural Agrupado El Carracillo de Segovia and many other people who sent us materials to help the Nepalis.

After reaching the zone, the SAMU Foundation team met up with volunteers from the Bridge 2 Nepal organisation who specialise in distributing food, toiletry kits and providing first aid. This partnership strengthened the capacities of both organisations, thus increasing the efficiency of the mission.

Once the team had returned, the funds raised in this campaign were allocated to rebuilding the “Dada Gaum Children Home” orphanage in Kathmandu.

Date of the mission

  • Name: Operation Kathmandu.
  • Collaborating organisations:
    • Bridge 2 Nepal.
    • Obra Social La Caixa.
    • Rotary Internacional.
    • Menarini Responsable.
    • University of Seville.
    • Instituto Municipal de Deportes de Sevilla.
    • Colegio Rural Agrupado El Carracillo de Segovia.
  • Country: Nepal.
  • Departure date: 10 May 2015.
  • Return date: 11 June 2015.
  • Population attended:
    • 13 towns.
    • 3 orphanages.
  • Number of contingents: 1
  • Number of people from SAMU taking part: 6.
    • 1 Mission Leader.
    • 2 Doctors.
    • 3 Nurses.
  • Total number of participants: 11.
    • 1 Mission Leader.
    • 3 Doctors.
    • 3 Nurses.
    • 2 Humanitarian assistance specialist.
    • 1 Architect.
    • 1 Logistics worker.
  • Number of interventions: 1,748 people.
    • On-base interventions: 474 people.
    • Itinernant interventions: 1,274 people.