Honduras Mission 2020

Central America was devastated by two hurricanes in less than 20 days. News about this natural disaster, which left millions of victims in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica, among other countries, was eclipsed by the health crisis and mounting pressure on hospitals in Europe due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In Honduras, the situation was particularly serious, and so, after receiving an alert from the WHO, Samu travelled to the region on 2 December with a team of 14 healthcare professionals.

Date of the mission

  • Name of the mission: Iota Mission.
  • Collaborating organisations: WHO-PAHO and HOPE Project.
  • Country: Honduras.
  • Departure date: 2 December 2020.
  • Return date: 19 December 2020.
  • Population attended: 8.
  • Number of contingents: 1.
  • Number of persons from SAMU taking part: 17.
  • Number of interventions: 1,181.