Former foster youth (+18)

Samu offers support to minors under guardianship in their personal and professional development by contributing resources to promote their inclusion in the community and in the labour market, fostering their Independence.

Emancipation or autonomy flats

Independent flats for young people under the protection system who have reached the age of 18 and have no family to support them, consisting of accommodation and the necessary resources to lead an independent life, with a maximum stay of one year. These programmes aim to provide assistance in relation to their legal status, education, social and leisure activities, allowing them to reach maturity and supporting them on their journey to adulthood, to enable them to be integrated into society in a normal manner.

There are three types:

  1. Flats included in the Social-Employment Skills Acquisition Programme (PACS), with a low occupancy rate of 6-8 places.
  2. Recourse for Young Migrants no longer under Guardianship (JEM), with a high occupancy rate.
  3. Flats for migrants of legal age (IRPF).