Mission Poland 2021

Date of the mission

  • Mission name: Poland 2021.
  • Goal: To assess the current social situation at Poland’s border with Belarus, and to offer logistical and social support to the entities involved.
  • Partnerships: Project Hope.
  • Country: Poland.
  • Departure date: 17 November 2021 1.00 p.m. from Escuela Samu in Gelves.
  • Return Date: 26 November 2021.
  • Populations Served: Refugees in the Poland-Belarus border crisis, in the shelter managed by Fundacja Dialog, in the city of Bialystok. This sheltersfamilies with underage minors, from countries from Iraq or Syria, with the capacity to house up to 25 persons. At the time of the collaboration there were 18 people being cared for, 6 of whom were minors. They also housed women and some middle-aged men. Our collaboration focused mainly on logistical support and organisation of storage, coordination guidelines and proposals for improvement, as well as recreational and educational activities for children and families.

    Locations visited in Poland:

    • Warsaw.
    • Bialystok.
    • Biala Podlaska.
    • Hajnówka.
    • Sokolka.
    • Augustow.
    • Michalowo.

    Entities contacted in Poland:

    • Red Cross Poland.
    • The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.
    • Fundajia Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM).
    • Fundajia dialog.
    • Fundajia Ocalenie.
  • Number of Teams deployed: 1
  • Team members: 4
    • Social worker: 1
    • Psychopedagogist: 1
    • EMT: 1
    • RN: 1