Diversity in education and the need for conciliation of many families generate a series of social and educational demands, which includes educational support or extracurricular activities.

The Samu Educational Service Area was first set up in 2015. Since then, its main focus has been on working every day to achieve quality, inclusive education. Thanks to our professionalism and hard work, we have contributed to reducing problems in the educational area for thousands of students and users.

Educational support

  1. Serious conduct disorders.
  2. General developmental disorders.
  3. Down Syndrome.
  4. Hearing impairment.
  5. Visual impairment and deaf-blindness.
  6. Rare and chronic diseases.
  7. Intellectual disability.
  8. Intellectual giftedness.
  9. Late incorporation into the Spanish education system.
  10. Specific learning difficulties with personal or complex school history conditions.
  11. Auxiliary personnel who provide educational support to nursery and primary school pupils.
  12. School transport accompaniment services.
  13. Morning daycare services.
  14. Dining room services.
  15. School accompaniment services.
  16. Extracurricular activity services.