El Salvador Mission 2020

Due to the health crisis provoked by the COvid-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Health of El Salvador sent SAMU a request for assistance to provide support to the Hospital Nacional El Salvador, located in the country’s capital, which had recently been inaugurated and had 1,000 beds for intermediate and intensive care, making it the largest hospital in Latin America.

SAMU selected thirty healthcare professionals to take part in this mission, which departed on 29 July 2020

Date of the mission

  • Name of the mission: Yucca Mission.
  • Collaborating organisations: Government of El Salvador.
  • Country: El Salvador.
  • Departure date: 26 July 2020.
  • Return date: 29 August 2020.
  • Population attended: patients from the Hospital Nacional El Salvador.
  • Number of contingents: 1.
  • Number of persons from SAMU taking part: 28.
  • Number of interventions: more than 1,000.