Support and reinforcement for students with special needs

This services provides support in the classroom to users of compulsory schooling age with motor and sensory difficulties or other disabilities, with the aim of reinforcing and giving continuity to the learning process of these students, complementing and strengthening daily work and their ability to learn and interact with society.

Types of educational services

  1. Serious behavioural disorders.
  2. General developmental disorders.
  3. Down syndrome.
  4. Hearing disability.
  5. Blind, deaf and dumb persons.
  6. Persons with rare and chronic diseases.
  7. Intellectual disability.
  8. High intellectual abilities.
  9. Late incorporation into the Spanish educational system.
  10. Specific learning difficulties due to personal or complex schooling history conditions.
  11. Auxiliary educational support services to pre-school and primary education students.
  12. School transport accompaniment services.
  13. Morning classroom services.
  14. Meal services.
  15. School accompaniment services.
  16. Extracurricular activity services.