Tan-Tan Mission 2016

Misión Tan-Tan 2016

International Cooperation Mission to providing training to healthcare professionals from the Tan-Tan region in Morocco in laparoscopic surgery and pre-hospital care.

Following the mission to Laayoune in 2016, as guests of the Almouggar Foundation in Morocco and with the support of the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation, with a view to improving relations between the Hispano-Arabic community, SAMU once again organised a mission to our neighbouring country, of an eminently formative nature, thus ensuring that the benefits of our caravan will last over time.

Date of the mission

  • Name of the mission: Tan-Tan 2016.
  • Collaborating organisations:
    • La Caixa.
    • Bridge 2.
    • Rotary.
    • Almouggar Foundation.
    • Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation.
  • Country: Morocco.
  • Departure date: 28 November 2016.
  • Return date: 4 December 2016.
  • Population attended: Tan-Tan, Morocco.
  • Number of contingents: 1.
  • Number of persons from SAMU taking part: 13.
  • Total number of persons taking part: 14.
  • Number of interventions: 6 laparoscopic surgery procedures for training purposes.
  • Surgeons trained: 6.
  • Doctors trained: 13.
  • Nurses trained: 15.
  • Technical staff trained: 12.

Publicada por Abdrahim Haji en Martes, 6 de diciembre de 2016