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Fecha de Inicio: 25/06/2018

First-Responders Boot Camp

650,00 €

The course is designed for participants who are interested in enhancing resilience to disasters through prevention, preparedness, response and recovery from disaster events. It also aims on using a range of equipment in a variety of trauma scenarios in precarious situations such as catastrophes and rescue scenarios.

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  • Descripción del Producto

    Didactical Proposal:

    1. Time96 hours.
    2. Dates:  June 25th – June 29th 2018
    3. Modality: All-day Long.
    4. Time:  During July 2018, along 4-5 days from 09:00 h. through 21:oo h.
    5. Location: The course will take place at SAMU Escuela de Emergencias at Gelves and surroundings Seville.
    6. Price:  650€
    7. Preinscription:  Yes


    MD`s, RN´s, EMT´s, Paramedics and medical & nursing students, and medical-related personnel.

    Certification by:

    • SAMU Emergency School
  • Learning Outcomes

      Learning Outcomes

    •  Identify dangerous scenarios, potential hazards and minimum safety standards.
    • Recognize hierarchy within services.
    • Provide an understanding of the need for a rapid assessment of Mass-Casualties.
    • Get acquainted with the deployment and camp management.
    • Asses the need for a medical outpost and commanding structures.
  • Contents


    1. Introduction to Hazards, Vulnerabilities and Disasters
    2. Disaster Response
      1. Water Sanitation and Supply
      2. Food and Nutrition
      3. Camp Management
      4. Mass-Casualties assessment
    3. Trauma and Medical Rescue in the field
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