Assisted Living Facilities

El Alfar Centre

SAMU maintains its commitment with the Directorate-General of Services for the Disabled and the Elderly which reports to the Department of Social Welfare and Housing in the region of Asturias by managing the “El Alfar” assisted living facilities for persons with intellectual disability.

The centre is run based on the firm conviction that a person who is able to live independently in a community needs to develop a series of basic habits that will serve them in their daily lives, such as caring for themselves, ensuring their physical well-being and health, using public transport and other elementary instrumental routines.

The main objective of the “El Alfar” centre is to intervene, actively and through education, in all areas of the individual development of the users, guiding them to improve their attitudes and skills, thus improving their quality of life and increasing their autonomy and independence, to the extent possible, as well as ensuring their normal social integration.

To achieve this, SAMU has an urban residence located in a normal and active community, which is assisted by a team of persons whose job is to train the users in activities of daily life, through carrying out occupational activities, training activities or work on a regular basis. The users have to respect a series of basic rules and are free to organise their spare time, but every effort is made to ensure the planning of regular leisure activities.

C/ Senda del Arcediano, nº 4 3º H y 1º H
33212 Gijón (España)
+34 629 79 15 42

Centro ALFAR